IVFS Base Module
Intelligent Volumetric Farming System (IVFS)

The future of high volume, superlative quality, safe, nutritional food

  • Autonomous grow system – no personnel required – risk & liability reduction
  • Artificial intelligence – deep reasoning
  • Intelligent real-time robotics – dynamic ‘path’ generation
  • Intelligent real-time vision & point-cloud creation monitoring all plants daily
  • Automated pathogen detection, nutritional verification, cryogenics, packaging, order sorting, palletizing, and truck/trailer loading
  • Intelligent real-time fertigation, water treatment & recycling
  • Intelligent real-time programmable full-spectrum, LED lighting
  • Intelligent real-time CO2, pH, ozone & oxygenation
  • Intelligent multi-zone climate control
  • Free-standing modular enclosed construction – expandable & scaleable
  • Manufactured to meet EUGMP & FDA standards
  • Cleanroom food grade system
  • Operates completely ‘off-grid’
  • Grow from seed, clone, or tissue culture
  • Crops include: micro greens to fruiting trees and everything between, designed to suit, recipe-driven
Modular – Flexible – Expandable