Using pre-engineered ‘building blocks’, these ‘area solutions’ provide customers with a unique platform that affords multi-process flexibility within a single, expandable manufacturing system. By implementing our ‘base platform’, customers can grow their system as needed, when needed, without resorting to buying a dedicated machine with limited or singular capability.

This modularity further extends to individual processes as well. Integrating one or all Process features available may include the following:

  • 3 & 5-axis machining of composites, aluminum & mild steels
  • automated fiber, tow & fabric (prepreg) composite layup using our modular endeffectors
  • force sensed sanding & polishing
  • MIG & laser welding
  • waterjet
  • assembly
  • drill & fill
  • additive manufacturing (3D printing) plastics, composites & metals
  • integrated commercial robots